What to do,What to do?

I’e process of building my X-Carve and what I’ve done different is installing two X carriages with linear Z slides and with a Hitachi 12vc on the left carriage and a Makita 700 on the right side. The problem is that the Hitachi has .0015" to.002" of sag in the middle. I need some input here. Should I leave the Hatchi as is or should I replace it with another Makita that won’t have any sag? My concern about the Hitachi is that I was hoping to use it as a skim cutter plate leveler ect. and use the Makita for fine work.

Except for that small issue, the new X rail is handling things very well. I also went with the axle mod and went one step further and added to smooth idl on the fixed axles and that helped a great deal with any belt movement. I also am using a GT3x6mm belt and pulleys along with 175 oz. motors I haven’t fired it up yet but the carriages seem to move with little effort. pictures when completed.

So what do you think: keep the Hatachi with the .0015 to .002 sag or replace it with a Makita?

Thank you! just the kind of input I’m searching for.