What to use to run g-code

I am running V-Carve Desktop and a X-Carve. Other than Easel, what is being used to run the X-Carve?

Vectric offers Vtransfer:


There’s a list of other options at: https://github.com/gnea/grbl/wiki/Using-Grbl and more listed on the Shapeoko wiki.

I use the universal gcode sender.


I use V-Carve Desktop also, and use Universal G-Code Sender. Love it.

CNCJs is another good option.

I have CNCs that are not Xcarves. One is GRBL and the other has its own proprietary sender.

I do run designs in Easel because it is easy to use and I can create projects with my grade school aged children. I export the GCode to my shop PC and then I can use GRBL to run my LinkSprite or I can send commands to my Techno-Isel.

I do use Vectric Vcarve and skip Easel entirely for some projects. Vectric will also directly drive my vinyl cutter.

Candle cnc is good use z probre and home

Does UGS cost money or is it a free download??

UGS is free.

Awesome. I want to try it

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