What upgrades would you added during initial build

Wish i had made a vid of when i added the x axis mod it was a lot easier than i thought and required no disassembly took about 20 minutes. slid carriage to one side removed right y axis wire slid in steel lined up and clamped and drilled. good drill bits are the key here.

was thinking of about the same thing but was going to use steel box tubing due to it being a local item and cheap.

I’m using the bolts-through-the-center version right now and it seems to be working fine, if a tad on the tacky-looking side. I’d rather have the steel spine or aluminum T-angle version of the mod. I’ll likely implement that at some point, when I have time to pull it apart fully.

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I’m not one to care about looks it’s all about function. If it works then it works and in the end that is what matters.

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