What was the 1st carve you sold from your X-Carve

I got this idea a few moments ago after going through the “Tips for starting a CNC Side Business” thread.

I am curious with the amount of people that have/are running this as a side/full business, what was the 1st project you sold that was created with your X-Carve?

Mine was a set of AZ Cardinals Corn-holes a friend commissioned me on, I had not even received my X-Carve when he placed the request and had zero experience with CNC (and zero experience with epoxy resin). Was very happy how it came out…there are two, just have this one picture though. Sold the set (with bags) for $250, made about $100 profit due to a lot of trial and error on my part.

So, what was your 1st sold project that you sold?


Mine was a stacked text wedding sign on live edge cherry.


After months of just making random things for myself, I sold a name plaque stand for a friends office. Danish Oil finished Walnut.

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Are the base and name portion two separate pieces? Great work! That looks awesome!

Yes I had leftover from the board under the carved portion enough for a bottom base and give it a nice edge and just glued it together.