What we released for Easel 2021

Hey! We just put together a quick video of the features that were released in 2021. I’d love to know the ones that have been the most helpful for it.

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Re order worksheets. Very Handy… Intuitive.

Origin safety height saved a lot of clamps for me.
Rapid retract was nice.

Ramping was one of my favorite updates!

Since the start and back to origin is still hard coded outside the g-code, yes thanks for creating a separate origin safety height and during carve safety height. This has allowed me to be sure that nothing gets hit in the rapid transit at start and finish without making the overall carve time too long with unnecessarily high retracts. Would still like to see an option to have the carve start and return to a different location: for example during batching if it went to a G28 or G30 so that a finished part can be removed and new part be installed.

Rapid retract is another nice feature since anything that can decrease “tool out of work” time is essential for using the x-carve for production. Please continue to improve toolpath generation logic to reduce the “traveling salesman” issue of moving all over the workpiece. “Tool out of work” needs to be minimized.

Having the X/Y custom distance be separate from Z is helpful for accidental button clicks (using a tablet with a touchscreen and no mouse). But please allow for a custom Z. I have an upgraded x-carve with the 2" risers and linear slides Z. I’d like to be able to have Z go up or down 3" instead of pushing the button 3 times. In design of buttons and text edit boxes (the Machine Control Beta), please keep in mind that they need to be large / separation distance for those of us using touchscreens not a mouse.

Happy for improved logic for v-carving. Rough and detail bit usage needs some attention as well for the same problem of way too much time. Using this method should truly reduce carve time.

Is there a suggestion / new features under development list where we can vote on?

I use my Xcarve for personal projects only so Easel non-pro (standard? basic?) is all I need, and I don’t know if this is an option on the PRO version, but there are too many screens and clicks between clicking “Carve” and the actual start of a carve. On the first carves I did, more than 4 years ago, I appreciated the kindergarten approach of confirming we were doing each step correctly but now it is not only annoying, it’s time consuming. Can we move to a more profesional and efficient workflow?

Example 1. It takes 4 clicks and a manual action to Probe when it can be done with only one. I can be responsible for attaching and detaching the probe before and after, confirmineg probe position and, unless there is a failure, the bit will always make contact with the probe so no need to pick it up and manually touch them to make sure it happens.

Example 2. three clicks to start a carve with auto spindle on. Again, unless the relay malfunctions, only one click to carve.

To make sure they work properly, there could be a “test machine” that tests the probe / spindle, similar to homing the machine, when it is turned on.

And in all steps, would it be too complicated to have the option to press enter and have it “jump” to the next step, making it 2-5 “enters” instead of having to use the mouse to move all over the screen to click each one?

Is this something in the works or not even on Easels future?

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