What wire for .8kw Chinese Spindle

I have been having a devil of a time getting this .8kw water cooled spindle / Huanyang VFD combo to play nice with my Planet CNC controller. After much fiddling I have determined that this stuff is just spewing EMI. Has anyone sourced a purpose made double shielding VFD spindle cable? I’ve found a couple and they are at about $4.5ft, just seeing if anyone else has found one at a lower cost.

You can add a shielding. There a a few options out there. Just be sure to only ground the vfd side.

Actually in the research I’ve been doing on trying to corral this EMI problem the old adage of only grounding on one side “cause you don’t want to cause a ground loop” doesn’t hold true on a motor controlled by VFD, you should ground on both sides. I typically don’t ground circuits, I use 0V if I need to but not with this much common mode noise. This is my first VFD but I’ve been doing low voltage electronics professionally for 25yrs so I have the basics covered. I don’t think this spindle/ VFD I bought was built with any thought into how much noise it creates but it was inexpensive which made the price of entry easier. I just want a cable that’s not $50.

Ideally, it wouldn’t be grounding both sides, and much as grounding everything. Ground loops occur when you have two points connected, each having a power source. But don’t quote me as authoritarian, my electronics class was over 20 years ago.

@DamnitJim check this link out http://www.motioncontroltips.com/problems-vfds-cause-cable-types-help-solve/ lots of good info.

I have a ex-electrician that works for me coming over to the house later in the week. Even though my garage service is grounded to the house service we are going to add another ground rod for the garage service. Then I’m going to install a ground bar and run braided straps everywhere I can. I’m really thinking about changing out the can I have right now to metal (right now it’s plastic) because of the noise problem I’m dealing having with this spindle/ vfd. I couldn’t get my controller to work until I installed a choke at the vfd, which I hate doing without know which freq I just killed.

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Good info to be had there. Reminds me why I got into computers… less maths. :smile: