What's new since 2017?

I bought my X-Carve with the DW 611 in 8/'16, days before the X-controller and X-axis gantry upgrades. :roll_eyes: I picked up the "Wide MarkerSlide) 1/'17 but life happened and never got around to installing it (or using the machine since then.)

Looking at the current product, it doesn’t appear there have been any other upgrades since then, but wondering if there are, before I dive in and install the gantry.

I think this is where things kind of stand now.


Those are the parts I mentioned (X-Controller and “Wide Makerslide”)…

So nothing else worth worrying about?

I added y axis stiffeners and risers, 9mm belts and pulleys, as well as a new z axis. All from aftermarket vendors. It made a lot of improvement in the performance of the machine.