What's possible?

Hi there!

I have a question about what’s possible with a 3d laser cutter and I hoped some of you guys could help me. I’m pretty much a newbie…

Is it possible in some way to laser cut a steel profile that look like this:

I’m no expert on lasers but I believe Plasma cutter would be better choice for Steel. As far as the shape this looks very basic for cnc, laser, plasma.

A laser that can cut steel will cost you in the several hundred thousand dollar range. Most of what you see on these forums are only capable of cutting wood and plastics. Deepnoizer is correct in saying plasma is a better choice. Or if you have time a milling bit can do the job but it will take a while.

probably no one on here has a machine that is made for that kind of work.

Steel is a hard metal. You can have it milled,plasmacut, diecut, waterjet cut, … but that will cost you.
I would not do it on a hobby machine anyways.

Any possibility aluminium is an option?

My first thought was a band saw.

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yeah or an angle grinder/dremel and a lot of patience.