Whats the best way to create small writings?

I am creating plaques that usually have one paragraphs worth of writing. I’ve tried to use the 90, or 60 vbit but its difficult to get a clean, clear, and legible finish. any help?

Discussion of relating endmill angle to text/feature size at: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/Endmills#V-bits — for small text you’ll want a sharper endmill than even 60 degrees.

It also helps to use a suitable material — a fine-grained hardwood is preferable.

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I use a 10 degree bit

I do plaques pretty often with small text and I do it with a 30 degree bit. A lot of the issues that can spring up are due to the type of wood you’re carving in. Some woods carve detail really well, some do it really, really bad. Oak and Pine, for instance, are not good for small fine detail.