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Whats the Step By Step Process to Start a New Easel Apps App

Is there a step by step guide to setting up a way to start developing an easel app?

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Hi Andrew,

Here is our Easel Application Development guide:
It walks through the concepts of an Easel Application and points to some example applications.


I went through this, how do I setup a test site to develop with?

Hi Andrew,

You can develop directly against Your application won’t be visible to anyone but you (and site admins) until you mark it as public.


Hello all I am having trouble getting easel started it keeps asking me to down load the windows drivers & I do & then I open them to easel file then I go back & try to load a SVG & get it to start and when I hit carve the window asking for that file comes up over & over can any one out ther offer an thoughts on this please thank you