What's Wrong?

Yeah, that looks like something is loose and slopping around.

Perhaps I should do that, loosen all of them and let them settle, then tighten the bottom …sorta allowing them to squeeze together from the bottom.

I just replaced my wasteboard and adjusting everything else so it’s a good time to tighten the ship.

looks like its messing up the most when it changes direction, its definitely loose somewhere.

Yeah it is

I have everything as tight as I can get. I think now the movement is in the x axis railing. I don’t see where anything else could get any tighter. All my wheels are spinning top and bottom. I just did a quick test with a different pattern, and it seems to be a lot better. I’m going to try that sign one more time here. and get back to you.

‘All your wheels are spinning’?? Surely not freely spinning just sitting there are they? They should be too tight to spin using one finger, it should require two fingers to turn each wheel.

No No, I meant when the machine is working. I have had trouble keeping the bottom wheels tight enough to the railing. Sometimes they don’t spin when it is moving.

If they’re not spinning when moving, then they’re too tight. Perhaps your machine is trying to move and can’t just jumping/moving in steps when enough stepper motor force is applied. Thus giving you the results you’re seeing.

I have. The pots are pretty high, and I meant that the bottoms were not spinning due to lack of friction. It’s not jogging about, or acting like it doesn’t have enough power,

That’s the conclusion I am coming to. It seems to be a constant process of tightening and them loosening

Blue Loctite is your friend.

Eccentric spacers and locknuts. It’s a $10 upgrade that solves that problem.

Thank you Phil. It’ll have to wait until the weekend, I’m on duty until Friday night. You guys have been unbelievably helpful. I need to follow this more.

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Thank you everyone for your help. I have been having much better luck! Took all your advice. machine is tight. The motor pulley on the x axis had play I never even noticed. Machine is calibrated. I’m a happy camper :slight_smile: