When bit is homed at a paper thickness off of board?

I’ve ran into a problem of when but is homed , I can either bring bit right to top of wood or into the wood , then I have to raise spindle . I hit the Cavre button and it takes off on its path , but never returning to its homed height , always a 1/8 higher than board . Always . Even if I dig the bit into the wood , raise the spindle , hit carve , it never goes back to an acceptable depth to carve , always right above the wood . ? Help

When it returns home z returns to the safety height

Yes after project is finished it returns to exact homed height either in wood or a paper width above . The problem is when I’m setting up the machine to carve , I bring the bit right down to the wood . Then I have to raise the spindle . It then takes of on its tool path , never returning to the before " Raise the Spindle Height " it’s always slightly higher .

Maybe you need jump into this thread, I think it could be related

Only incurred that problem once , and was my fault . Bit wasn’t tight . Thanks though .

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