When carving, how to set the initial position for Bit

I use X-Carve , and it Always in the wrong place carve . :sob:

At the beginning, until you get more hands on; you better finish your homing sequence, with the keyboard pgdn button slowly lower down your bit. Turn your spindle to manual on, and keep lowering until you make one spot on your waste board. That is your X0 - Y0 point. Elevate your bit, Put your piece’s corner to that spot, clamp it down. Now you can jog it a little further from corner, lower back to work piece until touches to surface. You may want to put piece of paper under bit while lowering down, when paper stops moving, that is your Z0, on Easel you can see on screen instruction. And walaa, you’re ready to carve. That’s your reference location. Any job you’re sending, goes correct location. Remember, after homing process, machine resets X0 and Y0 automaticaly. But you have to do Z0 everytime you’re changing bit or material thickness.

Very detailed, I‘ll try it. thank you @AlanDavis . I owe you a beer :smile:

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TAP YOUR KEY ON THE KEYBOARD! Dont hold it down or you may be drilling for oil! ( this may be ok if you are in western North Dakota)


The same thing gets sent to the controller and it carries out each command in succession, the computer sends info much faster than the machine can react and run it. and it will run until it runs out of commands.

You WILL break bits this way.

I forgot to mention that I sell Bits. Just kitting. That’s why I said, “keyboard pgdn button slowly lower down your bit”, means don’t hit the gas pedal to go 160 mph. :blush:

please dont ask me how it figured this one out… :flushed: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Don’t ask me how many bits I broke until understand word Processor thing. :flushed:

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Any idea where I can get a small amount of crude oil refined?

In my basement.

Some point I started to hide mails from my wife, she was asking did you break your bit again…


My basement is where i occasionally convert alcohol into urine…