When I change bits i have a 1/8 diff

When I do a two bit carve i run a 1/8 ruffing bit then I change to a 60 deg v bit and I’m 1/8 inch to the left or X-. how dop I fix that


lot change this… when the ruffing bit is done and goes back to X/Y zero or the corner of my work it is off by 1/8 inch to the left or X-

You’re most likely moving the carriage slightly. This is the same problem I had while changing the bits. Check out this video of how to lock your motors to help eliminate this problem…


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no it happens when it returns home or X0 Y0 on my work befor i even try to change bits it is off

Either your work piece is moving or you are loosing steps somewhere. Maybe you are pushing the machine to hard.


thank you Roger that was a lot of help

that could be trying to find limits coming from a 3018 to a 1000x1000 X-CARVE
thank you Wayne.


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