When I purchase a 3d model, and it comes to my email, where do I put the model so that easel can pick it up

Can I start from the centre of the workpiece in Easel 3d. Many Thanks

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You’d need to download the .STL file from your email to your PC to have it locally stored.
Then you can upload the file into Easel, (IF it meets the file size criteria)

You can set origin to center in 3d workspace, bit it’s a little tricky.
For the POSITION , take the MODEL size and divide by 2 and make it a negative and enter that in as the position for X and repeat for the Y and the model will be positioned over the 0,0 coordinate in the preview. This will allow you to use Center as the Origin.

So for Example IF the model size is set to x=4" y=6" in the POSITION area you’d enter X as -2 and Y as -3 and this would properly center the model allowing you to use center as the work origin.

Many, many thanks SethCNC.

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