When its too late to carve

Currently 10pm here and I want to carve something so bad but it’ll be too noisy unless I don’t run the vacuum. :thinking:

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I think I’ve spent more time sound proofing my cabinet than I have actually running my big machine. :frowning:

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My neighbors suck. I need a muffler for the shop vac.

build an enclosure for your shop vac. Build a good one and you can run it at 2am if youd like. :slight_smile:

find neighbors that to like to MAKE things and have to used machines CNC, 3D printers and ETC.

How quiet are dust collectors?

I think the one that I have from HF is loud. Or maybe that’s just relative, I don’t know, but I feel like it is the loudest thing in my garage when working.

I built a box for my shop vac out of an old MDF desk, then I lined the interior with roxul insulation… there is a small port for airflow…its so peaceful now lol

A dust collector is not nearly as loud as a shop vac. I measured my HF DC at about 80db 5 feet away, compared to 90db for the shop vac. The dust collector is also much lower frequency noise so it is not as “grating” a sound.

I vented mine outside eliminating the bag. It is much quieter and I do not have that very fine dust in my shop any longer. I was amazed at the noise reduction

I bought the Festool 584174 portable dust extractor and I’m pretty happy with it. It’s about 60db, which is quieter than my normal upright vacuum cleaner, but just as powerful as my shop vac.