When millen 1/4playwood

when millen 1/4 in on path it’s show tabs but no tab are on the cut

Can you share the project via the share link?


tabs are present in the toolpath. See image showing the tabs in the toolpath>

What model cnc are you using?

i know i saw them in there but they did not get put in the actual cut.

What model cnc is this?
Does this cnc have limit switches?
What are your grbl settings?

I think your cnc might not be calibrated correctly resulting in excess depths and then bottoming out the z axis travel.

it’s a lunyee 3018 pro i do not know my grbl settings are but i do have limit switchs. so how do I
fix my grbl

Within Easel you can press ctrl+Shift+D to quickly access the Machine Inspector Page where you can use the “console” to send/receive commands the way James does in this video using a different software, but the process can still be followed just the same…

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