When Spindle start turning, all steppers getting pulse

I just realize, when my spindle start turning, all stepper motors getting rapid pulse and changing direction gradually.
Even nothing running, I’m turning spindle manually, steppers starting to move.
Any ideas??

Here is the simple circle needs to be 0.1 deep, 8 pass. Without going 7, it’s already 0.25 " deep and traveling.

Come on Inventables, I know you’re there.

Hi @AlanDavis sorry I was out at dinner. That is crazy.

To be clear you are saying:
If you turn on the spindle it moves the steppers without a job running? If you cut the power to the spindle nothing happens?

Yes, if no spindle turning, steppers stops. They start moving slowly and irrigularly when spindle start turning.

Can you please take a picture of your wiring?

Two pin connector on GShield came backwards, It’s dificult to attach wires from inside but working.

Duplicate pictures deleted.

I’m going to try this on our X-Carve tomorrow and ask our engineering team. I don’t understand how it is possible.

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Can you see if it does it when you turn the spindle on with the switch on the power supply?

It is doing either manual turn on without any job running or auto when job running.

Try splitting the spindle wires away from the power wires to the gShield. The noisy spindle wires placed along the power wires might do something.

Spindle wire completely separated from others as you can see on the picture. It’s in different cable cover. But all wires together in the drug chain. If you’re asking to take a part all cable harness assembly, it is too much.

It is already afternoon, no solid solution yet. Can someone blame GShield for this matter then I can have GShield overnight.???

Hey Alan,

If you have to hand spin the spindle to get it up to speed, that means it is defective. The defective 24v spindles are causing interference with the stepper motors, which will cause this drifting. Can you remove the spindle completely and see if the machine still drifts?

I will email you directly about the details of your reshipment. I apologize for the delayed diagnosis of this problem, we have just come across this issue.

The replacement should fix the problem.

couple times spindle didn’t started. I was thinking some bad connection on GShield and Arduino connections, after reinserting couple of times did start working. Might be a coincidence. When spindle turned off from manual switch, it doesn’t drift. As soon as hit the switch, all steppers and stepper LEDs on GShield goes crazy, blinking randomly without any Gcode sent.

It sounds like a defective spindle to me. Even if it mostly turns on now, it will probably keep getting worse. The reported defective spindles have symptoms of:

  1. Needing a “kick start” or help to get spinning
  2. Sometimes turning on and sometimes not
  3. Drifting while cutting

Yes Sam, thank you.
I think I will go with Dewalt 611 I have on hand.

Hi Alan,

Great, I will email you with the details.

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This was the portion I was talking about. I should have posted a marked up image.

Two of these wires go to the gShield. Are they separated now?