When will Easel finally imprt SVG accurately?

There have been so many threads started about SVG import issues within Easel, and with good reason.

In my own experience, I’ve hit a wall, where if I want to use my machine to import simple SVG line art, I have to learn Fusion360. I bought an X-Carve because what I’m trying to carve (generally) is so simple, so I shouldn’t need to immerse myself in Fusion just to get results, so to end up having to learn it anyway while the devs try to play catch up with the issues is incredibly frustrating. Apparently my issue is a known issue, but there is no timeline for patching it.

Which makes me wonder- why does Inventables keep releasing features that are incomplete/not truly ready for deployment? I believe in what Inventables are trying to achieve, and I’m thankful for the way they have democratized CNC carving for regular people. But wouldn’t it be better to release features that are ready to use, instead of releasing features that work in some cases but not in others?

Zach- your input on this would be greatly appreciated.

What type of issues are you having with importing SVGs?

I’ve only had one issue recently where I had four identical .13" holes and only two of them were carved. They display in easel just fine, but I look closely at the simulated tool paths.

Other than that, I haven’t had any other issues.

I make all my .svg using vector magic and remove the background and have zero issues, all of my import issues have been with .svg that I find on the net. I this case I convert them back to .jpg and dump them in vector magic and convert them back to .svg, kinda long way but hey for a few min work I have never had a problem.

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I make my SVG in industry standard Illustrator, so I thought it should be an accurate way to make them. Apparently not.

Some of my lines get turned into fills, and it just makes Easel unworkable for me. Unfortunately, Easel (and what it claims to do) was 50% of why I chose an X Carve in the first place.