When will Inventables come up with a software to put on your computer

Is anyone else having trouble with the webpage reloading and losing the project you were just cutting? I’ve had multiple occasions where my webpage will reload and everything is just lost. I try to find it in my projects and there is nothing there. I even saved a copy a couple times and tried renaming it, and it’s gone after it reloads. Is there ever going to be a software that you can just download to your computer for all of your projects? My internet in rural Iowa isn’t that great and I wish I didn’t need the internet to do everything. If it was all on my computer, I wouldn’t have to worry about it refreshing and losing everything. Is anyone else having this problem? It’s really frustrating!

I doubt that Inventables will provide a standalone software but there are alternatives like CNCjs. CNCJS Thoughts?

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Download Universal Gcode sender. You can design in Easel or other CAD program and run the program off of UGS. My Xcarve is in a shed with no phoneline and spotty wifi internet. I’ve been using UGS from the beginning.