When your CNC refuses to cut part of your desize

Sometimes I’ll cut out words that look great on preview, but when I look at them in the finished look, some of the lines are missing. There are two easy solutions that you can try. First you can make the lines, or cut size of the line, larger. Or you can use a smaller bit.
You see the problem is that Easel will have to ignore the line if the bit that you chose is to large.
As a newbie to Easel, I searched for a long time before I found a short refence to this problem in the answers to a totally different topic.
I hope this will help other newbie to Easel.

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When you see that… The bit is too big for the carve. Try a smaller bit or a v-bit as a detail cut

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Also, at the lower right corner of the simulation preview is a button with 3 dots, if you click that you can select “show uncut area” and this will highlight where your endmill cannot fit with a red color.
** This feature only works with Pocket cut type, not any of the “Path” related cut types And of course it only works with Endmills because there is no limitation to the areas that Vbits will go for pockets, only limits of depth based on design size and angle of the bit… but I’m getting off topic… Yeah the “show uncut area” tick box, check that feature out.


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