When you've outgrown the x-carve

Hi CNC folks,

First time post here, but a long time reader. I’ve had X-Carve for just about 1 year and it’s been an awesome journey. I’ve learned a lot and used it to grow my business. BUT… It’s time for a new machine and I’d like some advice. I’m looking for:
-larger cut area. (Bigger than my 1000 but don’t have room in the shop for 96"x48")
-Stiffer frame and more powerful drive system. I need to make faster cuts in plywood,
-better spindle. I run my machine at least 50 hours a week now and i’ve gone through 2 Dewalts already.
-Minimal assembly. I didn’t mind assembling the x-carve, but I don’t have time to design and build my own machine.
-Support. I’m trying to run a small production shop, so I need a reliable machine ideally with some type of warranty.
-I’m looking for a fair price, but I know all this will be a bit more than the X-carve cost.

I’ve heard of Shopbot and CNC shark, but I’m sure there’s others out there. What do you all recommend?

I’ve also read several threads on here about upgrades like lead screw x and y drives, larger sizes, etc. But I’m not sure that I have time to experiment with these mods.

CNC Router Parts Pro 4X4 machine. You will love it.



Fine Line Automation


Has anyone seen the R7 ( openbuilds based ) from SMW3D?

Yes. Although it still whined quite badly so I’ve sent them in for warranty service and they did something - changed a bearing or something probably. Thanks for the VFD suggestion - I’ll have to look into that.

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