Where are the longer eccentric spacers supposed to go?

I’ve been working on installing all the available upgrades on my 1000mm X-carve and I’m now at the point of replacing the eccentric nuts with eccentric spacers. Inventables sent me two packages of eccentric spacers; eight “short” and two “long” spacers. But what I can’t see for certain is where exactly the two longer eccentric spacers should be located?

There were two eccentric nuts on each Y-plate, four on the X-carriage, and two on the Z-carriage. So which two of these get replaced with the “long” eccentric spacers?

Or was what Inventables sent me a mistake?

I found my answer in the instructions for the X-carve V2. http://x-carve-instructions.inventables.com/1000mm/step2c/6adjustablevwheels/ Too bad there isn’t a clear and complete set of instructions somewhere for those of us who are upgrading from V1 (pre-August 2016 or, in my case, November 2015) to V2. Any chance someone is working on this?

Thanks for pointing me to that Phil. That document is a good start. But it leaves out a whole bunch of things.
When I decided to upgrade I wanted to install all 13 upgrades at the same time. I ordered all the upgrade kits as well as all the individual parts that were not yet available in a kit form. Short story is that I encountered a bunch of bumps along the way trying to bring my V1 machine up to V2. There are a number of as-yet-undocumented differences between V1 and V2. As soon as I get all the upgrades completely installed, my machine is useable again, and I can clear my backlog of work, I will try to find the time to add to the upgrade document.