Where can I buy 1800mm MakerSlide?

I’m trying to upgrade my 1000mm X-CARVE (2018 version) to 1000mm x 1800mm.
I am pretty sure Inventables used to sell a 1800mm MakerSlide (Clear Anodized, Not tapped) but cannot find it anymore on the website. Does anybody know where I can find it?

Thanks. -KC-

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been trying to accomodate the same (almost) upgrade. i have a plan to pull it off without 1800mm MS. but if you find any in the US, please let me know

I wonder if one could make a scarf joint between the two pieces? Cut on a good chop saw, you could probably get the same angles. Then some epoxy and connecting bolts to hold them together and fill any gaps.

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my plan is actually just a butt joint. Assuming that i can get the ends square (shouldn’t be hard to at least match the QC on my current pieces), drilling out the holes that are normally tapped to 5mm, then using 2 pieces of 5mm stainless or titanium rod as a dowel to connect the two. this should at least keep them coplanar. also included will be a wide stiffener to cover the joint with 4 screws on each side of the seam.

looking to buy 2 pieces of 750mm makerslide, and get up to 1750mm, forsaking the last two inches

Check with Luke at TBDCNC. I am pretty sure he has everything you would need.

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not shown on the site

From what I can see, it looks like a combination of a 20x40mm V-slot extrusion and a pair of these OpenRails would combine to make a 1500mm Makerslide. Can anyone confirm if that is the case? Still 300mm short of the full 1800, but this would work for my (and many others’) purposes and be pretty cost-effective.