Where can i get 1/32 bits without buying detail sets

I need about 10 1/32 bits. just 1/32 bits it seems everybody wants to sell in sets. any body know where i can find just 1/32 wood bits. please don’t say amazon i’ve been there

drillman1 is a very reputable supplier on Ebay. Here is a link using a search for 1/32 end mills.


You can get a Freud 1/32" by itself at Rockler, Woodcraft, and probably elsewhere.

Though 10 would be quite pricey. Why that many? A class or something?

I also purchased bits from Drillman and I think they are of good quality at a very reasonable price. I assume that the OP wants a straight endmill, not a flute.

See Think & Tinker’s Precise Bits. They sell Straight Wall and Deep Reach Micro End-mills - they rage from 0.001" to 0.125".


I’m curious what makes you assume he wants a straight endmill? He mentioned “wood bits”, but fluted bits are used all the time when cutting wood.

I agree on Drillman, very reasonable prices and I have found his turnaround time extremely impressive. Glad to hear you’ve had similar experiences.

I agree that fluted bits are used regularly but when someone mentions the size and nothing else, I would assume that the size is constant and that it is of the most common type. Maybe it is a downcut, an upcut, ball end or fluted of 1/32 but in the latter would only have the end of that size, you would not be able to drill a constant hole of 1/32 with that bit.

The OP has been silent since and after all these posts, maybe he could chime in and provide some feedback.

hope this clears the air a little. i live in Alaska shipping up here is high but at $25 dollar a bit (for me) that is a little to high. what i am looking for is a place that i can buy CNC bits of a specif size.1/32 but in the end they would be my suppler for all my bits. i do a lot of carving usually 2-3 a day. i have found many places that i can by larger quantities of larger bits but not 1/32. in short i’m not fussy just 1/32 bits will do

thank you to those who have given me leads on the bits

that did the trick i called them and got the education on CNC machine, carving and engraving thank you

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