Where do I change settings in Easel?

I need to change my settings to lock my motors, but can’t seem to find where to do it in Easel. I went to advanced settings and machine inspector but can’t edit. Can’t find anywhere else to possibly do it…

Locking motors is located in the Carve section.

There is a “console” line in machine inspector, you don’t edit the big window with all the settings directly. To change a setting, say, $100, you would type $100=XXXX , hit enter in the console window. If you then hit the refresh button just above the window to display the settings, you should see the new value.

To keep the motors powered to “lock” the motors the setting is:


Thanks Gentlemen! I did do the console thing, but didn’t refresh I guess… so I never saw anything change. And Rusty, the lock and unlock motor buttons in the Carve section aren’t working for me right now. Hoping that the $1=255 change in my settings will change that.

Now that you mention that, it does seem like the lock button isn’t working for me either. Maybe @JeffTalbot could speak to this?

Okay… so I went back into machine inspector and did the change as per Andy’s instructions. Went back into set-up your machine to test all functions now the system won’t home. when I enable homing the spindle moves down instead of up. when I follow the prompts to test, the spindle moves down again and then Easel tells me there is an obstruction, which there is not. set $1 back to zero, same thing is happening. Anybody know whats up???

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This is the complete set of values and what they mean. https://github.com/grbl/grbl/wiki/Configuring-Grbl-v0.9

I’m guessing you set something without realising it. It would help to post your existing settings. If you have an Inventables Gshield, you should also me able to do a “$RST=$” in the command window ( minus the “” ). This should reset you gshield back to it’s defaults from Inventables. What that command does is towards the end of the wiki page I posted above.

sorry I never got back… I wound up doing what every good East Indian call center will tell you to do and turned the unit off, then back on. Go figger, everything reset! Keddy