Where do you buy your v-Bits?

I have a couple but I’m curious where you buy yours from. So tell us what your favorite is!

I buy all my my bits for lmt onsrud if your in the usa i can give you the number to a great Representative very knowledgeable

I bought this one on ebay for about $7, so far it is working perfectly. I was skeptical at first because the cost was about 80% less than I expected to pay. But I have been very happy with it.


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Do you like the 60Degree better than the 90?

I use the 60 deg for about 90% of the lettering I do, I bought the 90 deg first thinking I would use it a lot, but unless you are carving really big (3 inch or bigger) it just cannot make a deep enough cut without making the stroke lines to wide.

The other 10% of lettering I do is very small and I use a 30 degree for it.

I have a 60 deg but haven’t used yet Might give it a go tonight!

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Hello all. I finally took the plunge and bought V-carve Pro. Now I’m looking for a good source of V-bits. I was wondering if anyone had any new sources to add to this old string. Maybe a little education about V-carving too. I’m on a business trip, so I’ll check back when I can.

Thanks in advance!!

FYI- I have a 1000mm machine with a Dewalt 611 router.

Oddly, I actually got my favorite one from Lowes.

I really want to try one of these though:



I was in a pinch last weekend and found a 60deg 1/2" carbide at Rockler for $22, customer paid for it :slight_smile:
He wanted some oak carved, worked great no tearout at all. They have a sign making 3 piece set for ~50 as well.

Thanks for the input. Now I get to go spend money! :confused:

Which one at lowes do you use?

Here it is at Amazon for a bit less.

Have you tried the Intech bits yet??? I’m thinking about purchasing them, and was curious as if you have yet? Thanks