Where do you find your designs

Seen so many awesome pieces on here some that just look unreal but where do you go for designs? Obviously I get some of you design from scratch on various platforms but others take from file online.

I’m still brand new and running a baby cnc at the moment until I understand what it’s all about before joining the big leagues. I want an x carve but not before I understand the core principles of cncing.

Love seeing your work and look forward to sharing my first project soon.

Tried to put together a list at:


Thanks for the link. There is a lot to look through so will see what I can find on there. Appreciate it

@MikeBuist. You can see most of my projects here in the forum under Paw paw’s projects. I started with no cnc knowledge at all. Here is a link to my YouTube channel. Welcome to the group


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I’ve been lurking around for a bit and watched a lot of your content very helpful and easy to follow. One of the better you tubers on this subject I’ve seen to be honest so props.

Seen some great pieces I can’t wait to get the process right. I seem to either have tear out or my clamping gives out.

I’m using a woodpecker cnc a Chinese hobbyist machine the clamps are close to useless so I’ve resorted to screwing through the wood to hold down the work piece.

Definitely have cnc envy right now when I see the xcarve

www.inventables.com/projects has a bunch too.