Where does everyone buy your bits?


I checked search function and I see ebay is popular.

I was wondering if a few of you kind gents can give me a few links for where you buy your bits.

I bought all of mine from here as of now but my last order took 8 days to get to me. I have the screenshot to prove it lol. I was hoping to a few options to buy from where I am in a hurry.


Where do you live.

www.kodiakcuttingtools.com is where I get most of my bits.

Downcut and Vbits are Whiteside bits from Amazon.
Tapered bal nose for 3D carving is also from Amazon.

Nice! Always wanted to go there. Just did Alaska last summer for two weeks. Your state is on our list of places to go.

How long does it take to get stuff there. From shopping cart to your door?

https://www.toolstoday.com/ Free shipping on orders over $35.00.

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I have bought several from this vendor on ebay.
He had a sale for .99 for a set of 10 bits.

Thx all. Please keep them coming if you found a nice spot to buy from. I will check all these out. I found some 1/32 bits on ebay for a good price. Hope they are good.

http://hctoolsupply.com/ Is a local machine tool shop. They give excellent over the phone support and are employee owned. I can call and then go pick it up, they will ship if you want. I like being able to talk with someone.

I found https://drillbitsunlimited.com/ I ordered 5 of 1/32 and they are doing very well. I will post up if I find anything bad about them over time.

thanks for all the links!

This is where I get mine for plastics- acrylic and Foamed PVC (aka Sintra, komatex) are the main types I cut - I do get different styles for each since pvc is super soft and acrylic is hard).


( they have other types of cutters, but I can only vouch for their plastics series). I usually get in 2-3 days in seattle shipped ground.

They are expensive, but I get cleaner cuts longer than any of the cheaper brands. I got tired of so much hand finishing with cheap ones I found on amazon and the mid range ones here (although I think inventables has a few of their general cutters here, I needed some that were 1/8" down cut for a thin pvc project that was a nightmare otherwise and that wasn’t an option in the plastic series I needed).

Also if you have a tool sharpening place in your area they can be sharpened for longer life. The guy I’ve been talking to said they can resharpen most of the high end brands so as long as you don’t get major chips you can think of it like owning a nice set of knives…so less shipping in the future (that’s something I’m looking into for mainly my soft plastic bits since I haven’t broken any of those in 2 years, with the harder materials it’s probably going to be more prone to general abuse/snapping)

Thank you!

Aliexpress, the same bits like everywhere else but cheaper :slight_smile:

Have ordered from them before. Some good deals can be found but shipping takes around a month. If you plan ahead it’s a good way to go.

I always try to plan ahead and keep everything spair what I my need within a month :slight_smile: living of carving so there can’t be any downtimes :slight_smile: