Where is my X-Controller! [On the way!]

@Zach_Kaplan @JeffreyMa So my initial date was sometime in November, then it was 6 December, then it was 15 December…SO NOW WHEN?!! I’ve got a skeleton of an x-carve (paperweight) on my pool table. It’s been there for over a month.

So here’s the blanket statement: Unfortunately, we’ve ran into some unexpected inventory issues with our X-Controllers, which caused a delay in shipment. Based on current projections, we expect to be able to ship the units again by [Enter an imaginary date here.] I understand this may be frustrating news, as it is frustrating on our end as well but I assure you that we are doing all we can to get all orders caught up.

Frustrating doesn’t cover it!!!

BS…that covers it!

uh oh I have been seeing alot of these posts lately

have you called inventables and talked to them in person?

I do know that they are always happy to talk with you on the phone and sort out a issue?

I don’t know your exact place in line but if you contact help@inventables they can help get more detail.

X-Controllers have started coming in and all passed our testing so far. We have a crew going in on Saturday to run the shipping line. They will continue to ship next week.


@ZachKaplan Can you at least send notifications for when backordered items will be available. I am also waiting for my x controller , my order was placed last november 8, 2017 and the lead time back then was for three weeks.

The short answer is calculating it at this point will take longer than just focusing on shipping them out because we don’t have an automated report to calculate that information. Starting today (they are packing as I type this) and continuing every day next week we expect huge pallets of inbound and to be turning them around to outbound shipments.

Everyone will get an “your order has shipped notification with a tracking number” when your order ships.

I can ask the team if there are going to be orders that don’t ship because we didn’t get to their order to give a revised estimate once we get through these as it will be a much easier to calculate estimate.

Well, I apologize Zach if I came off as harsh but my order was placed on 2 November with the understanding that I would receive everything 3 weeks later. I received everything but the x-controller 2 weeks later which I thought was impressive and was told that it would be shipped out on 6 December. I get it, it’s a busy time of the year. I then called on the 7th and Jeffrey indicated that it would be shipped 15 December. My intentions were to try and create a few thing for Christmas presents this year. I know that the amount of money I spent on this may not seem like a lot to some folks but it sure does to me and had I known I could have used that toward way more meaningful gifts. Hopefully you can understand the frustration.

Hi @RobertThompson I understand the frustration. This is totally unacceptable behavior from me, from our team, and from our suppliers. I’m frustrated too. It’s horrible. I’m completely responsible for this whole situation. We are offering everyone 100% refunds that want them. I know at this point many people don’t want refunds they just want their X-Controller. The X-Controller was more popular than I expected and the first batch that came in had too many failures to ship out. It would have been worse had we shipped out the ones that came in that didn’t work but that’s not your problem. I did a horrible job setting expectations here.

This is one of the worst things I could have done as the CEO and I’m embarrassed that it happened.

That being said it happened. And I’m proud of the effort our team is putting in to get this fixed as quickly as possible. They started up a second factory working on more units, they paid for air freight and overnight shipments where possible without asking permission, they have started investigations in to more redundancy into our supply chain, and they came into work on Saturday to get as many units packed as possible on their own accord not because I asked them to. They are also upgrading shipping for folks where we have their unit but due to UPS travel times might not get their by Christmas.

I failed you and the thousands of other customers that trusted me and Inventables.

I’m truly and deeply sorry.


Well Zach, a couple of things…I appreciate your response. There is no way that you or anyone for that matter could have foreseen the popularity and desire of your product and I really don’t see the need for you to apologize to me at all. Thank you though. That’s the sign of a very respectful CEO and I greatly appreciate that. Also, I would never consider returning my X-Carve for a refund and I greatly appreciate that gesture as well. I have no doubt that the Inventables team is working diligently to meet the demands of your excited customers. I also want to thank you for having exceptional Quality Assurance and looking out for the customer by not sending them a defective product. That also is the sign of an exceptional CEO. Thank you again for your response Zach.


Hey Robert, I am in the same situation as you are. I got an email with a delivery expected leaving Inventables on 20th December. With all different notes and reports from different users, it might be a good idea to have Inventables people to implement the ISO 9000 Quality Management standard. It may resolves their ‘‘back order problem’’ by closer watch and better planning. I just hope that I will get my X-Carve 1000mm as stated in their email.

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Sir, I do agree with Robert Thomson comments , managing ‘‘back orders’’ as you stated particularly relying on a third party suppliers in many cases it is out of your control. On an other hand it seems that you are so munch in the ‘‘forest’’ you do not see the trees anymore. I do not want to be nasty but as a suggestion, due to the popularity of the X-Carve and mostly to satisfy customers (this is the most difficulty part) having a ‘‘Task team’’ of retired experts in manufacturing and the supply chain aspect, as consultants, usually some of retired former manufacturing managers has great experience even that they may be in their late 60ths or 70ths you may benefit of their experience and also you may get such person(s) within an acceptable budget. Think about it… I am not looking for a job but personally I am in late 70s and I still working as consultant for few enterprises. It keeps me alert and keen about technologies and business development arena.

Hi @RobertThompson I’m being told X-Controllers have started shipping today and tracking numbers are being sent as confirmation.

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I got my tracking number today!

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Well that is good news! I didn’t get a confirmation yet but hopefully I receive one soon!

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Thank you Zach, i got my tracking number today.

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I’d recommend calling them tomorrow and check on your order status.

Yes Sir, I received my order confirmation number today. Thanks very much Zach, as well as your team!

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I sent them an email and they replied expecting to be able to ship mine late this week or sometime next week. Later than what I would have wanted but its giving me lots of time to sit on the forums, watch videos, and ask questions. I am also picking up other supplies that others have found handy when carving such as double sided tape.