Where is the New window option

I watched a video, yesterday, where a lady was showing how to use the Box app. In that video, she moved components to an additional page, by use of a button on the bottom of the Easel window. I don’t see that option, anywhere. Was it an option that has been removed, or moved to a new location? Or is it only available for Easel Pro? I’ve pasted in a screenshot of the option. I hope that worked, so you can see what I’m looking for.


you see that square with the broken line, click the + sign and that will open another working space. If thats what you are talking about!

Right, but that is not on my page. I’m asking where to find that option, or if it was removed, since I don’t see it.

you see that little arrow pointing down next to the little" ?" sign, click that and that should bring that up.

Dude, you ROCK. Thank you.

lol, u welcome!

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@CurtRiley. Here is a video on using multiple pages


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