Where really is 0. Easel V F engrave

Hi guys,

I’m working on a project at the moment to cut 8 clock faces with the hands engraved on to the face as an education tool for a local museum.

My plan was to use F engrave for the clock face detail by importing the G code to Easel. I would then change bit and use Easel to cut the round face out from the stock. The problem is, when i swap from the G code file to do the cut out the start point for the two files doesn’t seem to be the same.
I get an offset of roughly 3-5mm.

by moving the circle around in easel i’m managed to get it to work but it means for each one readjusting the circle cut and trial running until its perfect. This is going to take way too much time.

I think its a setting in F engrave i’d got wrong when creating the G-code however i cant find it.

I really should buy V carve but i just can’t afford it at the moment.


Hi Phil,

Cheers, i think this is where i’m having issue
“So if your image has a blank area around it, the origin will be off the display in f engrave,
because it zooms only to where there is an image”

I’ve assumed it would be the bottom left of the image.

you sir are a gentleman! Re did the code changed to bottom-left, solved the problem.

Thank you. I really wouldn’t have got to grips with the X carve without the support of the forum.

top job.

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