Where should the spindle be positioned after a carving is completed (on the X/Y axis)?

Good morning. I am new to X-Carve and cannot seem to find this in the forum, so I am asking this question: I am currently using Easel and have not yet upgraded to another software package. When my carving is completed, my spindle wants to end up over the carving at the home position (0,0). I would have expected it to go to the rear of the bed of the machine so it would be out of the way or clear of the carving. I am not sure if I have something hooked up backwards or if there is a method to jog the machine to be moved out of the way of the carving after it has completed the carving. I am currently going back into the carving and using the machine setup to jog it out of the way of the carving so I can have access to the carving bed.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


That’s the expected behavior, for the spindle to return to X,Y zero and the Z will be at the safety height.

If you want a position out of the way, search the forum for information about G28 and G30.

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Thank you Justin.

I am just learning about G Code, so this will make more sense as I get into this. This sounds like good advice.

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Easel default is as JB mention, at XY zero and Z zero plus safety height. (default 3.8mm)

Other post processors for different senders may offer other options, like for myself I design in F360 and send via UGS, where the correct PP will send the spindle to top right after a carve.

Staying with Easel you can add such a step manually with G28/G30 provided you have Homing switches installed.

  • Perform a Homing cycle
  • Move spindle to material zero (Home position)
  • Carve
  • after carve is finished jog spindle to desired “parking space” and in Machine Inspector Console type “G28.1” - you have now defined this spot as spot G28.

So whenever you want to retract the spindle out of the way you can call “G28” in the Console and it will move in one single line to this spot.

For the programming savvy people out there I am sure the PP could be re-written to add this automaticly - but for those who are not you need to perform this step manually after the carve.

Take a look at this

This is really great advice. I eventually plan to move to a different, more robust software as my “business” moves to the next level. I have found a good G-Code introduction course on Lynda.com (your library may have access to it, so you don’t have to pay the subscription fee. I get mine through a local library). This is making sense knowing what I have learned with the G-code in the past few days.

The forum is excellent in helping us get started on our journey. Thanks so much!