"Where the Army Sends Us" Wall Hanging

My wife has been begging me to do this project and I finally got around to doing it. We just recently purchased the X-Carve 1000mm in December and I am still getting use to its capabilities. I was one of the lucky ones that didn’t need any adjustments after the test carve (attention to detail pays off). I used V-Carve Pro and a 60 degree 1/4" v-bit. I haven’t decided on how I am going to connect the pieces together yet. As we move further along, there will be additions. It is made from 1/2 walnut and the pieces measure 1.5"x8", 2.5"x8" with the main header being 6.5"x10".

Unfinished Walnut-

Danish Oil Finish-


What a great project! Thank you for sharing and thank you for all that you and your family sacrifice to serve.

I think this would look great horizontal across a wall, like a time line, maybe connected with rope or some neat chain. You could then add favorite pictures around each location from the time you spent there.

Look into command strips, since you move around so much, you wont leave too many holes in the walls.

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Maybe you could devise a way to fasten them together with 550