Where to attach d26200 mounting plate?

Hey guys and gals. Sorry for yet another noobie question. I have searched the forum to no avail…
I got the Dewalt d26200 spindle mount and the spindle mounting plate with my kit but there is no reference to the mounting plate in the inventables assembly guide. The holes for the wheels match up but leaves me with no access to attach it to the “Derlin” (lol) nut.

from my experience you do not need the plate that you have in the rear. that is an universal mount and it is covering the holes that you need to use to mount your delrin nut.

Just mount your delrin nut to the two center holes and your four V-wheels to the four outer holes. the two outer holes that are larger are the two that the adjuster cam fit into.

Cheers man. Ye I just hooked it up as per the instructions. I seen a couple of videos on youtube and I seen they were using the plate for Bosch mounts and the likes.
€8 I could have spent on something else lol
Thanks for the reply