Where to buy belting?


One of my belts snapped yesterday so now i need to buy me some new.

Since it is much cheaper and also free int shipping on most of the items on ebay I started a little search there.

What do one look for when buying belting ? I am mainly thinking of strength issues, see inventables have these values :

•124 lb / 56kg Breaking Strength
•6.25 lb / 2.8kg Working Tension

What do you think of these,vould these be of the same strength ?


Well found it the safest to buy from Inventables,since they have a service level so high above any company I have ever bought from.
And I want to support that,Inventables is just a fantastic company,a big thank you goes out to Inventables :slight_smile:

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I was actually looking for this today myself and found this. Matches the specs and good reviews.

main thing i am concerned with, is the strength. not much detail about it on the amazon page, but will be looking into the source if possible.

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I bought this, I haven’t used it yet, but I got it so I had spares.

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I got the one of amazon myself have not had to use yet but it looks identical to Inventables one.

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i am planning on ordering it for spare since i superglued my belts to keep from slipping. if you are looking for a foolproof way to stop slipping, gorilla superglue will do the trick.

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Whilst there may be slightly cheaper options, I too want to support Inventables. They helped me, so I’m happy to help them.

The only way to get more people to run their businesses like Inventables is to demonstrate that treating your customers well, generates loyalty and return sales.

Wasting money is crazy, but I pay extra to eat in a restaurant instead of McDonald’s because I prefer the better service. I’m doing the same with Inventables…


I’m with you David. We should all support the people who support us!

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I too broke a belt over the weekend. I ordered some from Polytech over at http://shop.polybelt.com/searchquick-submit.sc?keywords=b6-gt2m-mbng

I haven’t received the belt yet, but it is 2mm pitch 6mm wide GT2 belt with embedded fiberglass. I would have easily ordered from inventables, but I wasn’t sure how quickly they sent out orders of consumable products. Didn’t know if the machine shipping backlog impacted small parts as well.

Also I am sure some will agree and some will disagree with me here. I am all for supporting inventables in the things that they do, but there is a limit to that. That limit is buying things like limit switches, screws, belting, etc at large markups. The belting is just rough because it was more than 2x the price per foot for something they order in bulk and cut off for your order. I picked up 35 feet to have around just in case because breaking this belt with no spare over the weekend was a real bummer. This was $29.50 (before shipping) from polytech and would have been $69.65 (before shipping) from inventables.

I wanted to come back and mention that I don’t know how the belting I listed compares to the amazon and ebay links provided, but it is sub-par to what came with my machine. Whether it matters in the end is yet to be seen. It is noticeably thinner than the inventables belting. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t snap easily.

List of vendors here: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Parts#X-_and_Y-Axes

I ordered from SDP/SI when I upgraded my machine to 9mm wide belts — got genuine GT2 belts and pulleys, Made in the U.S.A. I believe (ISTR the belts are so marked) — seems to be markedly better quality than the “approved vendor” import stuff.

Same here. Got the belt and drive pulleys from Inventables but had to go to Open Builds for idler pulleys. I couldn’t find any belt brackets for 9mm, so I designed and cut them myself.

Apologies, my post sounded a little critical. It wasn’t intended that way at all. Where there’s no rush, or there’s only a relatively minor difference in pricing, I’ll continue to support inventables…

Living in Australia, there are often items where the postage vastly outstrips the price of what I’m buying, naturally in these cases, I’ve little choice but to buy locally. Two days ago I ordered a card from the states that’s approx the size of a credit card and approx 2mm thick. Card was $29.95 and postage was $46.00 can’t help but think I’m getting badly ripped off, but it’s hard when there’s only only one supplier…

All I was doing was trying to remind people to support Inventables when you can. I’d hate to see them fade away into the Internet background…


indeed! depending on how much more, I am glad to pay a bit more to support a company I like. The killer with many however, is shipping.

Has anyone tried gt3 belts and pulleys? If so what kind of results are you seeing?