Where to buy in Miami, parts, bits and any accesories compatible with the xcarve

Friends I go from Colombia to Miami for a few days and I would like you to recommend a good store, that has parts, accessories or tools to improve the work with the

Look for a local woodworking supply such as Rockler or Woodcraft

Amazon and their Amazon Locker system could be an option, depending on what you need.

Look for a Rockler, Woodcraft or other local lumber yards/cabinet shops that sell tools.

They won’t be 100% CNC oriented but they will carry some things that can be used with a CNC (mainly bits and maybe clamping)

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Thank you so much

That’s what I need. thanks

Unfortunately you will not find a Rockler or a Woodcraft. I live 40 minutes north of Miami in Boca Raton and feel your pain. There was a Woodcraft in Pompano Beach that closed over 5 years ago. It is really a sad situation whenever I need a bit in a hurry. You should take a trip to International Tool in Davie Florida. It is 15 minutes west of Fort Lauderdale Airport. You may be able to purchase end mills there. As far as parts and accessories for the X Carve you best bet is online. Faukner Plastic in Hialeah is a great resource for raw materials like HDPE and other plastics for carving. Good Luck and safe travels.

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My local Home Depot carries a variety of 1/4 inch router bits and 1/8 inch Dremel bits. If you look on Home Depot’s web site you will see that you can order bits that are not normally carried in the store and they can hold these for pickup at the counter.

While there are better bits out there, I do find these useful for many of my projects.

I really appreciate your info, it is very valuable, specially, when u go with sources and time limited

This is a very good option, I’m gonna see the web page

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