Where to buy pc fan filters

Hey guys I would love some input on the best place to by pc fan filters

I need to filter all the fans on my big machine electronic cabinets

because they keep getting dust in them and the small one even cost alot

so I am basically looking for filters that mount directly to the fan mounting hole pattern

I think i have


Try this. Easy to wash.

But I will agree dryer sheets work quite well.

I would just recommend fixing a dust collection system. I don’t really know if any of filter designed for fine wood dust and restricting airflow in a pic with filters could be a bad thing waiting to happen. With that said you could just pickup some cheap dust masks and place them between the fan and the case. :slight_smile:

Hey guys thanks for the responses and Benjamin I have a high quailty dust collection system on the machine

but I find that when I need skim the edge of material the dust collection will not work and really the dust collector is only about 90% in catching all the dust when running at high feedrates over over 400 ipm so there is still a little dust left behind nad then if you are working with other tools in the shop that dont have dust collection the fans will suck that dust in

I had never thought about the dryer sheets? it might be a quick fix for sure I might have to try that

the problem i see with those is unless I want to make a custom case to mount to the fans I will just have to tape them to the control panels which will look like a hack job but I guess if it get the job done right

I find my pc the hardest thing to try and keep the dust out of because its super hard to seal

It took me a minute to find your X-Carve behind that BEHEMOTH. LOL!

Why do you bother with the X-Carve?

The x-carve is a laser machine now lol but its mostly a wood storage rack

Don’t try to seal a cabinet, it’ll never happen. I’ve built cabinets for server equipment in dirty locations that draw air in through a box with a filter and positively pressurized the cabinet forcing air out through any cracks. After 6 months the filter was a medium grey but the interior had barely enough dust on the shelf to draw a finger through.