Where to by materials and cutters in the UK?

Hi Everyone :slight_smile:

Some time ago I brought a Shapeoko and have just completed a electrical rebuild on it (replacing cables etc with longer ones to fit into 3D printed drag chain), upgrading to a brushless spindle, adding end stops and securely fixing the electronics.

One of the things I have not been able to find easily in the UK is the range of materials and cutters stocked by Inventables. Does anyone know if there is anywhere in the UK that sells similar? I’d buy from Inventables but the postage cost is astronomical (can add 100% to the cost) for big bits of timber like this :frowning:

Maybe Inventables should setup a European shop :smiley:

For router bits, I think most of us just use eBay. I know I’ve had success with the cheap bits I’ve bought there.

What sort of materials can’t you get locally? I picked up some acrylic from a local plastics supplier the other day, no problems with a small order and even threw in a few free offcuts when I told them what I was cutting it on - practise. Most timbers I can get except in usable sizes. Perhaps there’s a local woodworking club/group who can help out.

Not in the UK, Australia

I am always cautious when buying from ebay :slight_smile: Often the quality isn’t fantastic.

I’ll look into if there are any local groups. I am in Hampshire if anyone knows of one! I’ll also have a search for timber merchants that sell hardwoods, although the few I have found seem to really only want to sell in large quantities rather than to a small hobbyist :frowning:

Hi Kelvin iv recently just purchased an inventables x-carve and I’m having the same trouble in finding somewhere to source some materials from. I’am too from Hampshire UK! I don’t suppose you have managed to find anywhere that stocks materials?