Where to get these t-nuts elsewhere?

Hi guys

I had a bolt fall on my work piece the other day while running my xcarve. Turns out to be from the very bottom of the z-axis extrusion. I never actually found the t-nut it rattled free from - I guess the bolt could have been sitting there for years. So I will need to replace it.

I’ve found exactly what I need in the Inventables store:

No problems. A $5 part. But go to checkout and the postage charge to Australia is $60 :scream: :scream: :scream: Ay Caramba!!!

Does anyone know where I can source these elsewhere?


I replaced all the original nuts with better quality nuts from Misumi. The part number is HNTT5-5.

Or fabricate your own nuts. It’s not exactly hard to do. I had to do some back in 2015/2016 when one of the fine quality nuts in the X-Carve kit had just a hole in it, not a thread.

25PCS Durable Metal Steel M5 Tee Screw Nuts for CNC Aluminum Extrusions for 3D | eBay