Where to wire an auto spindle control on X-Controller

Here is another look at the back of an X-Controller wiring setup. I wanted to post to show where I wired the auto spindle control as I haven’t seen anything posted yet. You can see I used the connection labeled ‘SPINDLE (0-10V)’ and the ‘GND’ for the ground on the far right of the right block. Tested and is working great.

Thanks for the picture Pike.

Question: where did you get the power relay with 5v?? input/outlet that is sitting on top of your x-controller?


very clean wiring would like to know where you were able to get the pins for the ends


@BobMarinoff I just updated my build log with a list of awesome wiring tools:

@StefanAtkinson It looks like this relay module. I am using the same one.

Nice. Will probably move me to wire up an automatic spindle for the 611. Just using a remote control right now.

Not to hijack the thread, but the picture begs me to ask. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Inventables went to the expense of supplying shielded wire and not have us ground the shields. Without a ground the shield is wasted. I also noticed that the case of my X-Controller was not fully grounded. So I ran a wire from the AC ground at the internal power supply to the X-Controller case. Then I combined all of the shield grounds and attached them to that case ground. Also used shielded wire on the limit switches. My wiring could be prettier but now the shielding should be effective.


Thanks! I just ordered it.


hi jeremy thanks for the info going to use the same

thanks again


Ha! I noticed the same thing. But I didn’t bother to do that. I felt the “?paint / powder coating?” was going to make it a pain. Can you explain what was grounded internally?

Where the ground from AC connects to the internal power supply I just connected a wire under the ground screw and ran it to the case internally at the same screw I used for the external ground. (Top left corner) I did change the screw to a non annodized screw but probably didn’t need to because I think the original was conductive. I left the DC side floating. I noticed there was 100 ohms between earth ground and the case before I grounded it. I assume that was because of the powder coating because the internal power supply case was grounded fine and was screwed to the X-Controller case.

(edit: Got to thinking about it and the top of the X-Controller may not still be grounded because of the way it just slides into the extrusion. But I don’t really care that much. Just trying to get a true ground to the shields.)

Here is the one I purchased from Amazon. Have been very happy with it and thought it was reasonably priced. I have used it to plug in other items when extra receptacles are needed.


Hey @BobMarinoff I actually got them straight from the Inventables store during the Black Friday Sale - here is the link:


pike thanks didn’t know it but my kid has the tray and got the crimper of f e-bay…
Thanks once again

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