Where's my blue light?

Just finished putting the whole x-carve together, all going smoothly, no problems mechanically, no missing bits or bits left over. Brushed off my soldering iron and multi-meter and done all the wiring… plug it into some power… no blue light. Well… bum. Going home now extremely miffed after spending an hour checking and rechecking wiring and finding nothing wrong, but still no blue lights. (Yes I’ve checked the power and the plug)


The blue LED is hooked up between the +24 volt lead from the power supply through a resistor and to the ground terminal of the 24 volt power supply. So if you have 24 volts at the connector to the gShield then either the blue LED or the resistor is bad.

However, this doesn’t affect the function of the gShield, so you may be able to proceed.

If the USB connection to the Arduino is plugged in and the 24 volt power supply is turned on you should have three green LEDs lit if the stepper motor wires are correct and the Arduino is working.

And check that the G shield is properly seated on the main board. It is a very tight fit in the case. I had a heck of a time getting this to work.
When I do my (next) rewire I plan on adding some nylon washers to the bottom of the main board mount so it sits just a little higher in case.

…this just goes to show that sometimes you need to step away, go get some sleep and food then come back with fresh eyes. Spotted the problem right away. When I thought I’d plugged in the IEC from the power supply to the x-carve into the mains, I’d actually plugged in the soldering iron. Plugged in the psu, turned it on and lo and behold blue light and a spinning fan. Good times. Now I’m going away to slap myself in the forehead.

Wish all “repairs” were so easy! :smiley: