Which bits to use, X-Carve or after market

I ordered my x-carve a couple of days ago and was wondering if I should stick with the x-carve bits or will after market work just s good. I noticed all of the x-carve bits have color coded rings, important?? I also see there is a set for newbies. Maybe go that route till I learn what I’m doing?? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!

The plastic color rings are to make it simple for a novice user to be able to tell them apart & do not effect operation.
3rd part bits will work perfectly, in most cases the more expensive ones have a coating that can extend the cutter edge lifespan by 10-25%.

This is my favorite bit and the most expensive one I own…

And my favorite super inexpensive bit for cutting… (with it’s 22mm cut length its perfect for 3/4" stock)

& Here’s both in action:

I have been using an Amana 3 fluted 1/4 inch shaft 60 degree v-bit with good success. I also have an Amana 1/4" shaft 30 degree bit I haven’t used yet, will be soon.

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Thank you Seth. You saved me a lot of head scratching. Hope you don’t get tired of me and my questions because I’m sure there will be more after I get my machine!

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Thank you ArmenMcnerlin. Will take a look at it.

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