Which connectors to use for stepper motor

I’m currently expanding my x-carve and i’ll need to extend the stepper motor cables. I already have the correct shielded cables but I can’t really figure out which connectors to use for the stepper motors. It looks like some sort of Molex connector but i’m not really sure. It is the white connector that comes standard with the x-carve motors in the package.

Which connectors are good to use for the stepper motors?


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Anyone have an idea? :grinning:

Personally I would just solder them unless you plan on disconnecting your motors often.
I put some connectors on my first build but really they served no purpose, and in fact just introduce more possibilities of a bad connection. I have just rebuilt/upgraded my machine and just soldered them this time.

Having a connector for the sake of just having a connector doesn’t always make sense. Having said that, I use aviation connectors on my motors because motors don’t last forever, and sometimes I like to test things and this makes it much easier. If you decide to solder them make sure you use good heat shrink afterwards.

Thanks for the replys! I think I’m just going to solder them. Never thought about that, but sounds pretty logical :slight_smile: