Which Eccentric Spacers should I buy?

I got my new wide Makerslide installed yesterday on my X-Carve without any issues but then I decided I would buy Eccentric Spacers and Nyloc nuts for the V-Wheels that keep coming loose on the X, Y and Z axis. When I went to the page to buy the Eccentric Spacers, I had several choices. Which ones are the best for use on the X-Carve? They sell Standard, Low Profile, Extended Boss, X-Carve Short and X-Carve Long? Although there’s an explanation of what each type does, I don’t know which ones work best for this upgrade. Any input is greatly appreciated.

The best process for swapping them out, is to go to the X-Carve assembly instructions… Go to the assembly you are wanting to change out… There are Bill Of Materials for each section of the build. I know that the two X-Carve (Short and Long) are the types you’ll want… but you only need 2 of one… the rest would be the other type.

Thank you Chad. I didn’t know there was a Bill of Materials in the instructions. That makes things easier! Order has been placed.