Which first: CNC Newbie Z-axis or Jtech Laser?

My stock Z-axis is a bit wonky and outside of being a pain to home cut ok. I can get by with for now. However, I plan on doing both upgrades. Which would be recommended first?

I would definitely go with the CNC4Newbie Z-axis first.

A laser is nice but first focus on the fundamentals.

That is why I need this forum. Seeing all this cool laser stuff is exciting, but I need to be reminded up baby steps. I will likely order one this evening. Have folks been able to get it to work with the newer step motors? Do the pulleys come off?

Can you elaborate?

Z-axis first

I don’t remember seeing a set screw on the pulleys with the newer motors that came with mine. It is use a punch to do it?

I just upgraded the z axis followed by the J Tech, you will be happy with the ordered result.

The pullys are pressed on the new motors. You could up the size of your z motor anyways. It does more work than the other ones. I would upgrade he Z first.

Yes, as mentioned those motors from Inventables are pressed on, but you don’t need to buy your stepper motor from Inventables. I decided to go with 4 269oz. stepper motor, which they don’t carry. However, which ever stepper motor you go with, just make sure you go with direct drive on the Z and you will be golden. There are plenty of threads here where people talk about… I mean rave about how much they love their new Z-axis, and for good reason.

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Yep, Zach is a great guy and a big inspiration. He helps out a lot of people and it’s one reason why I will always support Inventables.

Plus I think he looks really snazzy with the white beard :grin:

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Z-axis ordered. Now to go back and look at threads for tips and advice on the install.

Thanks for the feedback y’all

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Which one did you get?

I went with this one:
XCARVE SLIDER since I have the suckit dust boot. For now I am going to use the motor that came with the X-carve. I just need to figure out when I have some time later is it better to splice to lengthen cables or just rer-run them. I hope that was the good choice.

You did great :+1: I think that is the most popular one here and for good reason. Let us know how it works out. Hopefully I’ll be able to order the same one in around a month. I need to be ordering my Masso first.

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What is the modification you have to do to use it with the suckit?

Shorten the brackets’ length holding the rails in the x axis direction. My bandsaw make quick work of them and the z limit switch will need a mounting bracket or hot glue along with a target tab to engage the switch.

I used a 4 terminal strip, which I glued to the back of the Z Axis. I then removed the connector strip on the Inventables Z axis Cable. I used some solderless lugs on both the Z axis motor that I got from Steppers Online and the Inventables cable. I havent had a problem since installation.

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