Which post processor do I use for carving from Mach3?

I need a post processor for Vcarve pro if carving from mach3. the machine is 1000mm x carve
automatic makita spindle on/off via relay. anyone users can share here help please. Thanks

I use the mach3 inches post processor that comes with V-Carve.

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I am also looking Inches PP. Could you please share here I want take try. Thanks

I am not in the shop today, but it comes with V-Carve. Choose the one called:

Mach2/3 Archs (inch)

Yes I seen got it . Thanks

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@ErikJenkins I am new to mach3 still learing I need some help for correct settings up in Mach3 .
I have 1000mm machine. now I am testing .

  1. How many steps per mm for X, Y, Z in motor tuning ?
    for X, Y 1270 steps per mm am not getting for Z ?

2.I set 1/8 microsteps for X,Y and for Z is 1/2 settings is this correct.
I have nearest to 269oz stepper 19kgcm torque 2.0ams per driver with TB6560 driver
Thanks for help.

Here are my motor settings for X and Z, Y is the same as X. What controller are you using? Do not set your Velocity to 1000IPM like mine unless you are sure it will work and not break things…set it to something reasonable until you get things dialed in.


Unless our systems are the same your, my settings will not be correct.

I have this breakout board
and am using Inventables Stock Z axis acme lead screw
what could be nearest setting for Z steps per mm and velocity, accelaration etc

Your best bet is to set what you believe is close and then run through the motor tuning in mach3 to really dial in your steps.

Thanks for help my english bit limit
How to jog in Mach3 ? I am unable to get that how could calibrate
if I want say axis to move 1 inch similar like in UGCS for calibration. I cant get in Mach3
I try to jog motors moving very very slowly I get that I want say move 1 inch how to do that.


Check this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVrqObwaAF4

Thanks for help I appreciate for quick replies.

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I’ve been trying to get Mach3 to stop/start my router through a BOB connected through pin 17 to a SSR. I have the spindle relays activated and output 1 set to the proper port and pin. I can get it to toggle on and off with the I have also tried to enter M3 and M5 in the diagnostic screen with no results. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

If you are sure the proper port and pin is set, try changing “Active Low” to enabled…save, restart mach3.and send an M3 through the MDI tab.

Do you have a link for your breakout board? Pin 17 might not be the correct one for your board…I just scrolled back and looked at the board you put a picture of…there should be instructions for the board since it has a spindle switch connection.

Hi, What kind of relay you are using I have SSR relay and Makita AC router. Right top first terminal on BOB are for spindle on/off its works like trigger on/off I did test using Multimeter its shows continuity while running gcode. not sending any power to relay. I think SSR relay need DC low power signal to start router.
on breakout board I seen from right side last two pins what they are pins its say
0-10v Spindle Speed output connect Inverter .