Which program is better?

I was just curious as to what other people think, which program they like better. Is it easel or v-carve. I have a friend that uses v-carve program and he really likes it. I would just like other opinions as to what they think is the better program for somebody like me which is a beginner.

For someone that has never operated a cnc or design software Easel is the software to start with.
Vectric V Carve is full of features that many beginners will be overwhelmed with.
However many will be ready to step up to V carve after only a few months of using Easel.
Easel is totally free with 4 days a month of Pro features.
V Carve is a bit expensive but worth it if you learn how to use it.

I use Vectric V-carve desktop because it can take input like the 3D STL files from Thinigiverse and create tool paths to cut such items. That said, doing what I do takes some experience. It is not easy for the beginner.

There is a lot you can do with Easel alone. My daughter at age 7 was able to make designs that I then cut for her. I would start with Easel and grow into something else as you reach the limits of Easel.

I want to thank you guys for your input that really helps me out a lot on what I should do and what I can as you guys put it grow into.