Which Software to use for CNC Machine

Good Day

I have a 3018 3 Axis Mini DIY CNC Router. I am just not having any results in getting this to work.

I am using Candle 1.0.10 and really struggling with this software.

I am looking for firstly suitable software to use with this machine and more imprtantly support.

I find the Easel software easy enough to learn so can generate my Gcode, but really dissapointed that I have not been able to actually engrave or cut anything.

Really need some good advice please

I use CamBam for 2d gcode generation. . I think it is free for 40 uses before it uses some of its functionality. If Easel isn’t working with your machine, you could try the universal g code sender stable version with the Gcode that Easel generates.

You’ll also have to have Java installed and have your com port and baud rate set correctly to get it to operate…