Which software works with a laptop with usb

What software can i use with a usb port ,or do i need a serial port
Ive tried mach3 but cant figure out how to set up connection

Ive tried pycam on linux but cant figure out how to start the xcarve after loading the project
windows or linux
tried easel but cant upload svg file without error

my xcarve is ready but im lost

Mach3 needs a breakout box or parallel port on the computer

what software can i use with a usb
Im no electrician ,I can build a PC but know nothing about breakout boxes

You will need a program to send the gocde file to the X-Carve if you are not using Easel.

I suggest you start off using Easel since it will allow you to design and send your project to the X-Carve with very little learning curve needed.

Just load up Easel in your Laptops browser and plug the usb into the laptop.

Other programs to use: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Communication_/_Control

You might want to look at the old instructions: http://docs.shapeoko.com/software.html and http://docs.shapeoko.com/helloworld.html and http://docs.shapeoko.com/firstjob.html

I run my X-Carve with a windows laptop.

My tool chains are these:

Inkscape -> save as “optimized svg” -> Easel -> X-Carve
Fusion360 -> PostProcess -> Universal GCode Sender -> X-Carve

This works also:
Fusion360 -> export DXF from sketch-> Inkscape -> save as “optimized svg” -> Easel

I am running windows 10 on a note book work with v-carve and easel

$69 Windows 8.1 tablet - USB. I’ve had no problems importing into Easel.

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I simply cant connect to easel anymore ,
how about a simple how to on connecting xcarve to vcarve
I wont live long enough to learn how to use 6 different software programs just to cut out one project

I use VCarve to UGS to my SO2/XCarve. Simple!!!

UGS SO2 ???

I build computers but I don’t know these terms

I feel like I did when I got my first computer back in 1994

UGS = Universal Gcode Sender https://github.com/winder/Universal-G-Code-Sender

S02 = Shapeoko 2 (predecessor to the X-Carve)

Universal gcode sender(Free) to his Arduino/GShield which is connected to his Xcarve. Why complicate things with Mach3

VCarve is Vectric software YOU referenced.

UGS is Universal Gcode Sender which has been mentioned thousands of times.

XCarve is the CNC you apparently have. Shapeoko2 is its daddy that operates the same way.

Ive used gcode sender but it does nothing

I cant even use easel anymore ,wont connect

I guess if I cant even connect to easel ,its pointless to try anything else ,
Its an expensive paperweight now

I’ve used UGS for the past year since getting my CNC set up and have never had a problem with it connecting. There is a difference between using Grbl versions. What version are you using now?

Easel has nothing to do with UGS. Do you have the driver for Easel installed? These are 2 different programs to talk to the Arduino

yes i do ,it was working ,now i only have one blue light on the board ,i did have 3 green but they are out now,is my arduino bad?